Avil Studio Introduction

Avil Chan, founder of Avil Studio, the pioneer of change of the Taiwanese glass art industry. Avil used to be a graphic designer in Hong Kong, in 2009, she left her successful career to pursue her unpromising glass making journey in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Starting all over, Avil started learning glass blowing techniques from zero and she at the end brought evolutionary changes to the Taiwanese glass making industry. When this traditional industry starts fading, Avil was optimistic to it. She decided to make a different and bring new insights. To improving the working environment, she started by promoting occupational health and safety of workers as well as a bring in more systematic approach of work.

In 2009, Avil founded Tai Glass studio and changed its name to Avil Studio in 2017. Our philosophy is to bring art, joyfulness and love into your daily life. Over the years, we kept learning and sharing. Every creation is a race against time, once the glass is taken out from the furnace of 1150℃, only 20 seconds is allowed to shape. Glass blowing is tough and challenging, yet rewarding. We wish to amaze you with our passion and creativeness towards our glass art.